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Rachel Nadeau

Born in Rimouski, along the shores of the St-Lawrence River, Rachel studied literature at the local CEGEP, in a pre-university degree. She then decided quite impulsively to go in law and completed her degree at Laval University. Wanting to learn more about environmental law, she is now doing a LLM at the University of Ottawa, farther still from the estuary of the St-Lawrence River where she grew up. Her current research looks at the interpretation of powers of municipalities in relation to the environment. In the future, she hopes to do research on the topic of biodiversity protection in Canada.


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Tyler Paquette

Born in Ottawa, Tyler completed joint political science and Juris Doctor degrees at the University of Ottawa in French. Tyler’s research is focused on using the intersection between public law and human rights and critically applying it to certain social justice causes, notably environmental justice. In particular, Tyler’s research is focused on the use of constitutional rights to protect against environmental injustice as well as the distributional impacts of carbon pricing. In the near future, Tyler will be joining a top ranked Indigenous law firm and will be clerking at the Federal Court. He is grateful for Professor Chalifour’s mentorship, the opportunity to contribute to a cause he is passionate about, and is hoping to continue working towards a more environmentally just society for years to come.


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Mari Galloway

Mari grew up in Toronto before going to Berlin to complete a masters of Environmental Policy and Planning at the Freie Universität and work at adelphi, a Berlin based environmental consultancy. There, her research focused on the development of renewable energy policies in Canada and Germany, local climate adaptation and mitigation, and inclusive cities.

After graduation, Mari completed her Juris Doctor at the University of Ottawa, where her research focused on the constitutionality of carbon pricing in Canada. In the future, she hopes to continue to hone her legal advocacy skills and experience in the field of public interest environmental law.

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Taylor Wormington

Born in Sudbury and raised in Ottawa, Taylor developed an interest for environmental law at the University of Ottawa, where he is currently completing a joint political science and Juris Doctor degree in French. Taylor continues to study and implement his passion for environmental law as Professor Chalifour’s research assistant. Taylor’s current research focuses on Aboriginal clean water rights, climate denialism in Canada, and the links between constitutional law and environmental law. Currently working as a summer student at Power Law, Taylor will continue his legal education as a clerk at the Court of Appeal for Ontario in 2020.