Conference on Human Rights and Natural Resource Extraction

Professor Nathalie Chalifour will be presenting at a conference on human rights and natural resource extraction, to be held October 26-28 at the University of Ottawa. Her presentation, entitled: Integrating gender considerations into Canadian environmental policy, will stress the importance of ensuring that economic and environmental policies are developed in a way that promotes gender equality. She argues that while the federal government's "Gender-based analysis Plus (GBA+)" tool is meant to achieve this, it has not lived up to its potential. Thus, applying an environmental justice framework, and using climate change (specifically carbon pricing policy) as a case study, she will discuss: (1) the policies’ relevance to gender equality; (2) how a tool like GBA+ could, if applied properly, influence the development of climate policy; and, (3) the opportunity of integrated policies to achieve co-benefits and ultimately contribute to sustainable development in Canada.