What is Environmental Justice and how does it relate to Law in Canada?


Our Research

We are a team of law professors interested in making sure our laws and policies promote an environmentally just Canada. We are interested in a legal system that can effectively provide a clean environment for everyone, not only the privileged. We want to be sure the growing pains of transitioning to a low-carbon economy, sustainable agriculture practices, and biodiversity conservation measures are not borne by the most vulnerable Canadians, but rather, that our laws be an engine of progressive change, addressing environmental challenges while simultaneously promoting an equitable society. We hope our research will contribute to building an ecologically robust and socially fair Canada.

“Environmental justice embraces the principle that all people and communities are entitled to equal protection of environmental and public health laws and regulations.”

— Robert D. Bullard


We will use a number of case studies to help elaborate a coherent theory of environmental justice in Canadian law and policy.

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We are seeking graduate students at the Master's and Doctoral levels to join our research team. Candidates must possess an excellent academic record, as well as demonstrated academic or scholarly experience with environmental law and/or environmental justice. Funding is available for qualified applicants.

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